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Privacy Policy

Our company properly handle the customers' personal information under our Policy on Personal Information Protection shown below.

Policy on Personal Information Protection

Recognizing the importance of personal information, our company considers that it is our corporate social responsibility to protect it properly. Our company shall observe the laws, regulations and norms on personal information, and shall continue, with complete dissemination all through our directors and employees, to execute and improve the efforts as follows:

1. Our company shall endeavor to protect personal information by observing the laws, regulations and norms on it, and by having an individual be responsible for the proper management of the retained personal information in each sector.

2. When collecting a person’s personal information, our company shall acquire it by a legal and fair method while notifying the person or obtaining his or her consent in advance; when utilizing the retained personal information, our company shall not use it beyond the purpose of utilization expressly shown on the occasion of its acquirement.

3. Our company shall endeavor to maintain the retained personal information accurate and up to date and shall take proper information security countermeasures for the prevention of unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage, and for other security control of the personal information.

4. Our company shall not, except in the cases where there are special circumstances prescribed by laws, regulations, etc., provide a person’s personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person. Furthermore, when entrusting a third party with a part of the business handling of personal information for the sake of the execution of our business, our company shall take necessary measures such as obliging the third party by contract to control the personal information properly likewise our company.

5. Our company shall receive a request by a person at any time to disclose, correct or discontinue using such a personal information as may lead to the identification of the person, as well as an enquiry or a complaint about our handling of personal information, and shall cordially cope with that.